In HIS Image (IHI) has been a symbol of hope and compassion in the west and central corridor sections of St. Louis City. Housed in West Side Missionary Baptist Church, IHI serves over 500 hot nutritious meals three days a week.  Anyone who comes to our door is welcome – without question or qualification.


This program is geared toward building and providing homes creating a stable and safe community.

Computer Education Services

The program is a computer training class for interested adults (including seniors). The goal is to increase computer literacy within that demographic. The course teaches basic computer operations such as powering the machine on and off, navigating through various programs on the computer, accessing internet and email, and other general computer skills.  The course is taught by IT professionals who have volunteered their time and talents for this program.

Adult Education

The primary goal of the GED program is to master the educational skill sets required to obtain a GED/High School Equivalence Certificate which will enhance future opportunities for higher education such as college, vocational training, military service and often employment.